Command-line tools

This section provides reference information for Substrate command-line tools.

Command entry point
archiveIndex and store all blocks, state, and transaction data for a Substrate-based chain in a relational SQL database.
memory-profilerCollect information about memory allocation and the behavior of blockchain applications over time.
node-templateStart and manage a Substrate node preconfigured with a subset of commonly-used FRAME pallets.
polkadot-launchLaunch a local Polkadot test network.
polkadot-appsInteract with Polkadot or a Substrate node using a browser.
sidecarUse a REST service to interact with blockchain nodes built using FRAME.
srtoolBuild WASM runtime in a deterministic way, allowing continuous integration pipelines and users to produce a strictly identical WASM runtime.
subkeyGenerate and manage public and private key pairs for accounts.
subxtSubmit extrinsics to a Substrate node using RPC.
try-runtimeQuery a snapshot of runtime storage to retrieve state.
tx-wrapperPublish chain specific offline transaction generation libraries.