Develop smart contracts

The Develop smart contracts tutorials guide you through how you can use the ink! programming language to build smart contracts that run on a Substrate-based blockchain. The tutorials in this section use a preconfigured contracts-node and a hosted Contracts UI. If you want to use the standard node template, you need to add the Contracts pallet and a few other components to your development environment. Preparing the node template for building smart contracts is covered in Configure the contracts pallet.

  • Prepare your first contract describes how to update your development environment and create a smart contract project using the ink! programming language.
  • Develop a smart contract demonstrates how to store, increment, and retrieve simple values using a smart contract.
  • Use maps for storing values extends the previous tutorial by illustrating how to use maps to store and retrieve values in a smart contract.
  • Build a token contract illustrates how you can build a simple smart contract for transferring ERC-20 tokens.
  • Troubleshoot smart contracts describes a few common issues that you might encounter when writing and deploying smart contracts.