Detour: Select front-end tools

The following libraries use the JSON-RPC API to enable applications to interact with Substrate nodes:

Chain APIProvides a TypeScript toolkit for crafting interactions with Substrate-based chains. The toolkit includes FRAME utilities, a functional effect system, and a fluent API to facilitate multi-step, multi-chain interactions for end users without compromising performance or safety. You can use this toolkit in combination with popular front-end frameworks such as React.
Polkadot JS APIProvides a Javascript library for building applications that can dynamically adapt to changes in a node—such as block explorers or chain-agnostic services—when interacting with Substrate-based chains. You can use this library in combination with popular front-end frameworks such as React.Javascript
Polkadot JS extensionProvides an API for interacting with browser extensions and providers built with the Polkadot JS API.Javascript
Substrate ConnectProvides a library and a browser extension to build applications that connect directly to Substrate-based chains using an in-browser light client node. Substrate Connect enables you to build applications that connect to multiple chains, providing end users with a single experience if they use your application to interact with multiple chains.Javascript