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Client Libraries

There are a number of language-specific client libraries that can be used to interact with Substrate-based blockchains. In general, the capabilities that these libraries expose are implemented on top of the Substrate remote procedure call (RPC) API.


The Polkadot JS team maintains a rich set of tools for interacting with Substrate-based blockchains. Refer to the main Polkadot JS page to learn more about that suite of tools.

Parity also maintains txwrapper, which is a Javascript library for offline generation of Substrate transactions.


The Go Substrate RPC Client, AKA GSRPC, is maintained by Centrifuge.


Polkadot API DotNet is a Substrate RPC client library for .Net programmers. It is maintained by Usetech. SubstrateNetApi .NET Standard API (nuget) allowing full substrate integration in Unity3D for gaming development, starter template project. It is maintained by DOTMog Team.


Usetech also maintains Polkadot API CPP, which is a C++ library for interacting with the Substrate RPC.


Parity maintains substrate-subxt, which is a Rust library specifically designed for submitting extrinsics to Substrate blockchains. The the Substrate API Client is another Substrate client library for Rust that is maintained by Supercomputing Systems; its API is more general-purpose than substrate-subxt.


py-substrate-interface is a Python library for interacting with the Substrate RPC. It supports a wide range of capabilities and powers the Polkascan multi-chain block explorer. This library is maintained by Polkascan Foundation.

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