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I’m online Pallet

If the local node is a validator (i.e. contains an authority key), this module gossips a heartbeat transaction with each new session. The heartbeat functions as a simple mechanism to signal that the node is online in the current era.

Received heartbeats are tracked for one era and reset with each new era. The module exposes two public functions to query if a heartbeat has been received in the current era or session.

The heartbeat is a signed transaction, which was signed using the session key and includes the recent best block number of the local validators chain as well as the NetworkState. It is submitted as an Unsigned Transaction via off-chain workers.


Public Functions

  • is_online - True if the validator sent a heartbeat in the current session.


use frame_support::{decl_module, dispatch};
use frame_system::ensure_signed;
use pallet_im_online::{self as im_online};

pub trait Config: im_online::Config {}

decl_module! {
	pub struct Module<T: Config> for enum Call where origin: T::Origin {
		#[weight = 0]
		pub fn is_online(origin, authority_index: u32) -> dispatch::DispatchResult {
			let _sender = ensure_signed(origin)?;
			let _is_online = <im_online::Pallet<T>>::is_online(authority_index);


This module depends on the Session module.


pub use pallet::*;
pub use weights::WeightInfo;


The module that hosts all the FRAME types needed to add this pallet to a runtime.

Autogenerated weights for pallet_im_online


Heartbeat which is sent/received.

An offence that is filed if a validator didn’t send a heartbeat message.

Type Definitions

A tuple of (ValidatorId, Identification) where Identification is the full identification of ValidatorId.

A type for representing the validator id in a session.